Intention to suspend this blog

Anyone looking at this blog will notice there has not been any activity recently. The group that was looking after energy coordination at UHI has been disbanded so the few staff left have not prioritized this blog as a means of communication, and for the foreseeable future this will not change.

It is not our intention to update this blog during 2014, but we will be leaving it in it’s current state until we can resurrect it. We will concentrate our announcements (albeit of a shorter and more general research nature) on the UHI Research Twitter feed – please visit us at:

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Not so far away renewables land …

Disney may have captivated audiences with their fantasy animation, SHREK, but it was Fergus Ewing MSP, Minster for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism, who captured the imagination of the audience at SHREC (Scottish Highland Renewable Energy Conference) on Thursday, 26 April 2012.  Taking place at the Drumossie Hotel, Inverness, the Minister announced a £23.5 million government loan scheme to assist communities and rural businesses throughout Scotland move their community energy renewable projects up to the planning stage.

The Community and Renewable Energy Loan Scheme (CARES) aims to support projects before they reach planning as this stage is considered too high risk for commercial loans.

The conference was also chosen to launch the Community Benefit Register. This is designed to help communities throughout Scotland maximise the rewards they receive from renewable energy developments.