Scottish Renewables publishes report setting sector priorities for new government

Niall Stuart, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables formally launched ‘Scotland Unlimited: Realising the Ambition’ during his speech at All Energy’s opening plenary session (Wednesday 18 May). In his speech he outlined the necessary actions Scottish Renewables believe have to be taken if we are to meet the proposed target of 100 per cent electricity demand from renewables. The report highlights fundamental and complex challenges to overcome to create the right climate for investment in terms of grid, markets and marine planning.

They see the next five years to be crucial in determining progress to 2020 and beyond, so Scottish Renewables has called on the Scottish Government to:

  • Use its powers over the Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) bandings in Scotland to maintain investor confidence in the industry.
  • Put in place a mechanism which will support marine energy projects to move closer towards commercially justifiable investments.
  • Prioritise new pumped storage facilities through the National Planning Framework process.
  • Continue to press for significant investment in new grid connections and a charging framework which encourages investor confidence.

Scottish Renewables also repeats its calls for the release of the Scottish Fossil Fuel Levy fund to help increase the public sector support for renewables.

Read the full report here

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