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Energy Research Group

Energy is a core research theme at the University of the Highlands & Islands (UHI), and the Energy Research Group (ERG) has been established within the research office to help co-ordinate research activities undertaken across UHI.

Our main role is to provide strategic direction and practical support to the energy research activities of the UHI Academic Partners

To find out more please visit our section of the UHI WEBSITE.

Alternatively, download our pdf document mapping out the energy related skills and courses available at the speciailst UHI energy centers – Energy Skills Partnership document.

Based in Inverness, the team is establishing itself to be the focal point for connecting the UHI academic partners involved in research and training in the wide-ranging field of ‘Energy’. The team will focus on a range of job tasks around the core objectives of profile raising, capacity building and relationship management.

In particular we aim to;

  • Play a role in helping to plan and co-ordinate renewable energy related activities across UHI and helping partners to win funds for their projects.
  • Help to establish research groups and support their capacity building.
  • Liaise with HIE and sponsoring universities on energy.
  • Establish an accurate, updated record of UHI activity and expertise.
  • Develop relationships with energy stakeholders across the Highlands and Islands and out with; academic institutions, business and business groups, research institutions, government and non-government organisations and other interested parties.
  • Gather and disseminate intelligence on trends and opportunities for grants and contracts through engagement with industry, academia and government.
  • Promote UHI’s capacities, successes and reputation as an effective supplier and partner.
  • Organise workshops, seminars and a major biennial conference on renewable energy in the Highlands and Islands.

We hope you will find the articles and links highlighted in this blog useful and visit as often as you can to stay informed of the work the UHI partner institutes continue to undertake in the varied field of Energy.