Reports & papers

We thought it would be useful to bring together a selection of our collected reports and papers relating to the topics posted on this blog (all in pdf format). We hope it will be an increasingly useful knowledge base of energy related material.

2020 Routemap for Renewables
AEA Microgeneration Scot 11
AEA Microgeneration Index – Issue 4
Alta Devices solar cells
BP Energy Outlook to 2030
BP statistical review 2011
Crown_Estate – Pentland_Firth_2011
CCC Renewable heat report 2011
CCC Carbon progress report 2011
CCC Climate Change Adaptation Report 2011
DECC Energy report 2009
DECC Energy report 2011
DECC Energy Trends 2011
DECC dukes 2011 internet booklet
FORCE Annual Report 2011
EWEA – Pure Power update 2011
John Muir Trust on wind generation 2011
John Muir Trust – low wind events
John Muir Trust – Turbine output 2008-10
Great Expectations reduced – UKERC
Greening China 2011
ONS energy stats 1990-2008
ONS EU fuel usage 2001
Eu electricity production 1990-2006 by country
ONS Oil-gas-coal production 1971-2001
Renewable Energy review 2011
Renewable Energy summary 2011
Renewable heat in Scotland to 2020
ScotGov Marine Atlas 2011-summary
ScotGov Marine Atlas 2011 – key
ScotGov Marine Atlas 2011 – climate
ScotGov Marine Atlas 2011 – Hebrides
ScotGov Marine Atlas 2011 – MinMal
ScotGov Marine Atlas 2011 – NE
ScotGov Marine Atlas 2011 – renewables
scotgov EGPS 2012
ScotRenew-Priorities for Government
Solar Electricity Value Chain
Vertical turbine arrays

If you have a report/paper you feel is relevant to our blog and would like us to include on this page then please contact the site administrator, including a copy of the report/paper.