Bay of Fundy tidal array addition

Bay of Fundy, Canada

The FORCE project at Bay of Fundy (Nova Scotia) have announced Atlantis Resources Corporation are about to start deployment of their newest 1 Magawatt tidal device. People who follow tidal developments will no doubt be familiar with the testing facility at Bay of Fundy, but the latest addition will be one of the largest devices in the water and it’s going into one of the harshest tidal areas in the world, so monitoring information coming out of this facility should be useful to keep an eye on.

With this in mind I thought it would be useful to add a permanent link from our blog – links area on the right of this coloumn, FORCE Project

I’ve also added their latest report to our reports page for reference – VIEW IT HERE.

Following from the comments posted on this story I’ve downloaded a report from OpenHydro on their demonstrator test. It confirms the device has been recovered from the seabed and that ALL of it’s blades were missing on retrieval, so they are re-designing the device. See a copy of the report – OpenHydro_report_fundy.

So to clarify, the comment from ‘FredMac’ below is referring to the demonstrator test by OpenHydro and not to the the Atlantis Resources demonstrator originally talked about in this post… far as I can gather this device is not yet in the water, deployment is planned for summer 2012. All of this information is also available on the FORCE news page – follow the link already added.