UK fuel use figures – spread of consumption across all users

Graph produced using total value section of DECC report ‘dukes1.1.1′ – click to view full size

The full report on UK energy usage (along with many variations and re-workings of the data) are freely available from the DECC, but taking the raw figures for fuels used for inland consumption, split by fuel type from 1970 gives an interesting visual indication of our fuel usage by percentage. The graph above is only split by type of fuel with the addition of a summary line indicating the total percentage of fossil fuels used in the UK throughout the period (includes gas, coal, petroleum). This is the figure I found particularly interesting, only fluctuating from 96.5% dependency on fossil fuels in 1970 towards the 2010 figure of 89.8%. The influence of the miners strike around 1984 can also clearly be seen.

It seems to show the UK has a long way to go to realise our targets of renewable energy usage. The table of figures used to produce the graph is below (click to view full size);

The Full 2011 report with analysis is available from the DECC website