Life+ Funding Programme

I attended a Life+ funding opportunities awareness event in Glasgow this week. Don’t normally go to European funding events outside of Energy, but Life+ is the main instrument to implement EU environmental policy, and I thought there might be some opportunities linking environmental protection with energy (see some of the energy and environment interests in the MaREE project as an example).
Three strands of work are supported;
Nature and Biodiversity – mainly in support of the birds and habitats directive, in particular the halting of biodiversity
Environment Policy and Governance – looking at the development of innovative environmental policy approaches, as well as implementing existing environmental policy.
Information and Communication – communication and awareness raising campaigns on environmental, nature protection issues, as well as projects related to forest fire prevention (very topical this past few week!).
There could be some opportunity for partners interested in BioEnergy solutions (wood fuel and Biofuels from algae?) and linking this to wider biodiversity strategies.
The programme does not fund research and development actions (though will support a limited research element) and requires a match of 50%, which could be a constraint.
For more detail take a look at Life+